Mike Patton y Daniele Luppi junto a la alcaldesa de Milano, Letizia Moratti


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  1. Y pensar que este hombre comia restos de basura en un concierto en Portugal, jajajja

    Mike Patton, un verdadero señor. Se le admira por su sencillez.

  2. Me pareció un poco bizarro el video/entrevista(?), igual estuvo buenisimo, lástima que se pierde un poco una por el idioma.
    Pregunta, cerca de los 8min. puede ser que le pregunten algo de los Melvins y el responda algo sobre un gordo?

    Gracias por postearlo.

  3. Desculpa Jaime não entendi...como assim restos de "basura"?

    Sorry Jaime didn't understand...what do you mean by restos de "basura"?

  4. Ahaha surreal situation! LOL!
    Letizia Moratti, mayor of Milan, talks to Patton about the city projects and Patton - with an evident FAKE interest - says "wow!", "oooh", "great" ahahahahah!

    The guy with the microphone is Red Ronnie, an announcer relatively famous in Italy in the mid 90's, when he hosted a musical tv show called "Roxy Bar" (Melvins played in that show in the 90's). At one point Patton recognize him and says "ho già visto sta faccia!" (= I have seen this face before!)... and you can see Daniele Luppi laughing in the background! LOL!

  5. @Jaime No More

    Esquece, já me lembro...:P
    Nevermind, I remember now...P

  6. Thank you MrBungle82 for telling us about what they saying; the lady is SUPER fan, eh? jajja

    Saludos a todos chicos!!!

  7. Mike Patton tiene mucha vergüenza de estar entre dos personas (Moratti y Rojo Ronnie) que tienen lo mismo terrible peluquero.

  8. Ja Ja como lo miraba la italiana!!! Se lo comia con la mirada...

  9. hahah poor mike! i dont think he know red ronny it's not famous anymore and dont know he care about "the new expo in Milan" why she dont have talk about the new underground in west milan? wtf mike care about that?
    i was there and all the people stand up for mike and "scream over" the "moratti" :)
    (sorry for bad english)

    there a link only in italian

    ciao from milano!

  10. (Not worries 4 you english, Loska, is better than mine btw)
    Wow! I think i'll become a fan of Red Ronnie '_'

    Y si, ahora que lo comentan, la señora tenía cierta mirada jote jaja, y yo que la veia de forma "protocolar"

  11. Oh, boy, lots of things become clear now. I was there as well and this lady, the mayor of Milan, sat right behind me. I, of course, had no idea who she is and what was that all about. There were lots of cameras, interviewers and some "wannabe" celebrities who also came up for some reason. Anyway, the lady mayor was heavily booed by the crowd when they announced she was present =D

  12. Jajajaj, really?
    Well, she looks totally like a "boo lady" :-P

  13. Well, I heard people don't like her because she's anti-immigrant and anti-drugs.


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