Mike Patton: Canadian TV 2001 Interview

This was broadcasted on MusiquePlus channel around the time Fantômas were touring for "The Director's Cut". Unfortunately, I don't know the exact date but Fantômas did play at the 18th "Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville" in May 2001. So, the broadcast probably took place in the same month... Anyone coming with more info would be appreciated!

Please note that this is a french speaking TV Channel. The interviews are in english with french subtitles.

29,97 fps, 720x480, NTSC 4:3, Interlace(TopFirst)
MPEG-2 8100 Kb/s
Linear PCM (LPCM), 2 ch, 48000 Hz, 16 bits
Analog cable TV > VHS > DVD Recorder > PC
6 min. 29 sec.

Gracias Picabo de Bunglefever

traducida al español por Alaraco y Vanessa Monteiro.
Gracias chicos

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  1. quee weeeenaa tb lo viste en swap meet!, estaba traduciendolo en la noche de ayer amigo!

    Me falta poquito =D

  2. Viejo, cuando lo tengas listo lo anexamos a la entrada, a muchos, (incluyéndome) nos servirá.

    Aquí está en youtube también para los impacientes
    Mike Patton: Canadian TV 2001 Interview

  3. Roddy Bottlim hahaha
    Debe ser brígido entrevistar a Patton @_@

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